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How to Hire Christopher Barnatt

If you are interested in engaging a futurist to keynote an event, to otherwise deliver a workshop or presentation, then please get in touch. I have over 25 years experience of professional speaking, and am able to tailor content to most industries and audiences. To provide some examples, over the past few years I have delivered keynotes and workshop sessions with the following titles:

  • 3D Printing and the Future Supply Chain
  • 3D Printing in Business
  • 3D Printing: Digital to Physical Futures
  • 3D Printing: The Creative Opportunity (series of three practical workshops)
  • 3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution?
  • AI and the Internet of Things
  • Beyond AI Denial
  • Building Your Business on YouTube
  • Creative Foresight: Future Thinking for the Creative and Digital Sector
  • The Rise of AI: Cognitive Computing in the Next 10 Years
  • Delivering the Future
  • Digital Horizons
  • Future Digital Transformation
  • Future Gazing and Future Shaping
  • Humanity 2.0: Our Cyborg Future?
  • I Didnít Expect That! Reconnecting Business with Reality (linked to Brexit)
  • Revolution, Resilience and the Museum Freelancer
  • Seven Ways to Fix the World
  • Smart and Disruptive Futures
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: Success in an Uncertain World
  • Sustainability, Technology and the Future
  • Sustainability: The Challenge for the Cultural Sector
  • The Impact of AI in Business
  • The Impact of AI and Robots on Skills and Employment (for HR managers)
  • The Next Big Thing
  • The Future for Local Government
  • The Future of 3D Printing
  • The Future of Publishing
  • The Human Wallet (on the future of payment systems)
  • What Will the Food Industry Look Like in 2030?
  • Vision of the Future -- Looking Ahead to 2025

You can find a list of my recent clients here.

Usually my work involves travelling to a client-determined location in the United Kingdom to deliver content in person. However, I also have experience presenting remotely via Skype, WebEx, Adobe Connect and similar video facilities. On some occasions I have produced bespoke video content to be played to a live audience, which has then been followed with a video-conferenced Q&A session.


The following constitutes my general terms and conditions. I am, however, always prepared to negotiate alternative conditions and arrangements to meet specific client requirements, if subject to appropriate fees. I will have referred you to this web page if you are engaging my services and it is my expectation that you will be aware of the below.


I am self employed and will invoice for a pre-agreed flat fee after an event has taken place or written content has been delivered. This single charge will include all of my preparation time, travel and other expenses. My fees are not excessive -- and in many instances are lower than you would pay for a speaker via an agency. But do please note that, with a few exceptions for charities and other good causes, I do not prepare and deliver content for free.

Presentation Slides

I normally present with supporting slides, most of which are pictures with a header title. If you hire me, I will therefore require a projector and screen, but you will absolutely not get endless bullet lists and death-by-Powerpoint. Rather, I will augment what I am saying with visuals that will capture the audience's imagination, and which will include images of things that they have never seen before.

Because of the included visuals, my PowerPoint file tends to be many tens of megabytes in size, and cannot be supplied in advance by e-mail. I hence always bring several copies of my presentation with me on multiple USB drives. If you wish to have the file before the event, this is also possible via a Google Drive share. I can present from my own laptop if you prefer. In this instance your projection system needs to have a VGA or HDMI input.

Intellectual Property

Please note that, even if I supply a PowerPoint file in advance, all content therein remains my copyright, or else that of the rights holder of any third party image included which I have licensed or am otherwise presenting with appropriate clearances. This means that my PowerPoint presentation file must be deleted after I have presented, and cannot be shared electronically or otherwise with audience members or anybody else.

Handouts and Other Supporting Materials

If requested, I will provide a cut-down PowerPoint file or other summary document that can be copied as a handout or distributed electronically as a pdf to a non-public circulation list (eg via e-mail or as password protected web content). For workshops, I will bring all required handout materials in hardcopy with me on the day unless you would rather replicate them yourself. If any members of your audience require alternative materials due to a disability or other medical condition, then please let me know and I will prepare and bring with me appropriate materials.

Recording and Photography

Many organizers now wish to keep a digital record of their events. However, recordings of live presentations seldom work well as videos (there is a reason that TV companies do not just point a camera at a stage play), and hence I do not normally permit video or audio recordings to be made of my lectures and keynotes. However, with prior agreement, I am happy for small sections of my presentation to be recorded and used in extract within other publicity and similar videos. However, any such extract recordings must not be uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing websites as single clips (ie they must feature as montage within a wider production containing content from other individuals), and on no account may my presentation be recorded in its entirety or made publicly available. Nor may recordings of my presentation be provided to TV or radio broadcasters without my explicit permission (and which has happened in the past).

I am happy to be photographed while presenting and for such images to be shared by Twitter or other social media, or to be used for publicity purposes. However, print-resolution images must not be provided to third parties without my explicit permission. I would point out that the rights in any image or video file in which an identifiable person is the primary subject belong in part to that individual unless a signed release has been obtained to transfer such rights.


Once you have contacted me and we have established that I am available, I will e-mail you a specification sheet to confirm the details of the assignment. This specification will include a proposed title and outline for my presentation or report. Within the specification sheet for a presentation I will also include a current biog, tailored to your audience, as well as any other written content that you have requested. I will also supply a photo for your publicity purposes if required.

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I have been a professional speaker for over 25 years and can deliver a keynote or faciliate a workshop based on any of my books below -- and far more!

Digital Genesis

The Next Big Thing Book

3D Printing Book

Seven Ways
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