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3D Printing: Third Edition

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3D printing continues to advance, and will increasingly facilitate low-run, customized, on-demand and material-efficient manufacturing. Already 3D printed metal and plastic parts are being fitted into products that range from jet engines to medical devices and personalized shoes. Next generation 3D printing processes are also being developed, while the convergence of 3D printing with other technologies presents significant opportunities for localization and more sustainable production methods.

Recognizing the potential, large traditional manufacturers -- including HP and Ricoh -- have begun to enter the 3D printing marketplace. The 3D printing industry is indeed in a state of radical transition as it evolves from selling niche rapid prototyping equipment, to supplying cutting-edge digital manufacturing systems

Building on the success of its two previous editions, this book provides an extensive overview of 3D printing technologies, coupled with a detailed analysis of the 3D printing industry, scores of case examples, and broader predictions for the future of additive manufacturing. Also included are a glossary of 172 3D printing terms, and an extensive 3D Printing Directory.

Download free PDF samplers of the PREFACE and CHAPTER 1.


Preface: Beyond the Hype -- FREE PREFACE PDF

Chapter 1: The Revolution Continues
Explaining the benefits of 3D printing and its four key marketplaces. FREE CHAPTER 1 PDF

Chapter 2. 3D Printing Technologies
Detailing every additive manufacturing method on the market or in the lab.

Chapter 3: The 3D Printing Industry
Analyzing the leading printer manufacturers, software providers and services.

Chapter 4: Direct Digital Manufacturing
Reporting on those pioneers who are already 3D printing final products of parts thereof.

Chapter 5: Personal Fabrication
Overviewing personal 3D printers, personal 3D scanners and the Maker Movement.

Chapter 6: Bioprinting
Exploring how organic 3D printing may transform medicine and manufacturing.

Chapter 7. 3D Printing in Context
Predicting the future of additive manufacturing technologies and the 3D printing industry.


3D Printing Directory

Further Reading

Index -- only included in the hardcopy edition.


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3D Printing Third Edition book cover
Published 9th November 2016 by ExplainingTheFuture.com
ISBN-13: 978-1539655466.

The First and Second Editions have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

3D Printing 2nd Edition Chinese cover

Chinese second edition published by Posts & Telecom Press, 1st June 2016.
ISBN: 978-7115421180

3D Printing Directory

3D Printing Directory
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