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The Use of Cookies on this Website

ExplainingTheFuture.com protects your privacy and does not include any web technology that saves cookies on your computer when you access any of its pages. This site does not even use Google Analytics or any other traffic monitoring system, and does not feature any pages where you can enter personal or other data.

Many pages on this website do include YouTube videos that are embedded using HTML code with the "no-cookie" setting enabled. This ensures that when you load and view pages on this website no cookies are saved to your computer. However, once you choose to play a YouTube video embedded on a page on this website, YouTube will save cookies to your computer unless you have set up your browser to prevent this. Such cookies are not served by ExplainingTheFuture.com, nor can or are they accessed by this site.

In case you are wondering, cookies are small files that a web browser saves on a computer to help website providers monitor their traffic, offer interactive services, and otherwise operate and improve their sites. I used to employ a service called Google Analytics on this website for the purpose of traffic analysis. However, to continue doing so I would have had to add new code to generate an annoying pop-up that would have said something like "This website uses cookies, is this OK?" And then you would have needed to click on "OK". This I believe is a ludicrous legal requirement that impedes website usability, and so I decided to remove all cookie-generating technology from this website as above.

More information on the Terms of Use of this website can be found here.

Please use the menu at the top of the page return to whatever page you were on before you clicked on "cookies".

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