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Future Visions: Nanobots

Future Visions Immune Nanobot

In the future nanotechnology may be used to create very tiny machines -- or "nanobots" -- that may be able to repair our bodies from the inside and otherwise manipulate matter at the molecular and even near-atomic scale. Pictured above and below are visualizations of future medical nanobots -- the first intercepting a diseased blood cell, and the second carrying a drug for highly-targetted delivery. This second, simpler kind of nanobot is already being developed.

Future Visions Nano Pillbot

Below is a visualization of a "nanobot assembler" capable of building things at the nanoscale.

Future Visions Nanobot Assembler

Please note that, given the scales invoved, sharp colour images of nanobots will always remain a physical
impossibility. Sadly nanobots will only ever look like they do here in movies and in our minds . . .

Images produced by and copyright (c) Christopher Barnatt 2011.

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