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Future Visions: Cryonics Catacomb

Future Visions Cryonics Chamber

As discussed on the life extension page, cryonics preserves a "dead" body by freezing it in liquid nitrogen. Already companies including the Alcor Life Extension Foundation and the Cryonics Institute offer this service to people who hope that they will in time be able to be "reanimated" by future developments in medical nanotechnology.

Pictured above and below are visualizations of a near-future "cryonics catacomb" in which people preserved in their personal cryonics chambers await their second coming. This is also a very close future vision, with over 100
people round the world already frozen in cryo-statis . . .

Future Visions Cryonics Chamber

Images produced by and copyright (c) Christopher Barnatt 2011.

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