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Future Visions: Asteroid Mining

Future Visions Asteroid Base

As discussed in my Asteroid Mining video, in the face of resource scarcity here on Earth,
in the future we may seek new energy and raw material supplies from the asteroids.

Pictured above and below are two visualisations of a possible future asteroid mining base.

Future Visions Asteroid Base CU

Rather than establishing bases on asteroids, we may in some instances choose to transport smaller asteroids,
or laser-cut sections of larger asteroids, to processing stations as pictured below.

Future Visions Asteroid Base CU

As yet another alternative, "rocket trains" may transport small asteroids,
or laser cut asteroid sections, to processing stations in Earth orbit.

Future Visions Asteroid Base CU

Images produced by and copyright (c) Christopher Barnatt 2014.

If you want to reproduce these images, please contact me.

For more information, please see the Resources from Space page.

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